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It has somewhat belatedly occurred to me that maybe I should mention here the two mailing lists that I own, in case any readers of the blog are interested. One is devoted to growing edible plants in containers, and the other is devoted to healthy but frugal cooking.

They are here:

and here:

Other mailing lists that might interest you:

About Peak Oil and possible consequences:

The next list consists of people seriously trying to reduce their carbon emissions. Not all of us can commit to bringing our carbon emissions down to 90% of the average for our countries, but all listmembers here are (hopefully) doing their best.

Another gardening list, this one perhaps more suitable for experienced gardeners than for absolute beginners. It's a very nice list, friendly, and I always enjoy it. It is dedicated to the subject of heirloom (open-pollinated) plants, but is not dogmatic about it.

And last -

Frugal Rural Living discusses a miscellany of topics, as you would expect from its name.

08 June 2007

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